Our Program & Services

Our Programs & Services


Our diverse range of business, cultural and educational oriented programs and projects enables the Society to enrich personal and professional lives of our members and the community at large. 

Some of our popular events include our Annual Golf Outing, Gala Celebration, and Bonenkai. The JASGC also supports a Young Professionals club, NiCK, which was started by our members.

ビジネス、文化、教育に基づく当協会の様々なプログラムやプロジェクトは、地域社会全体、またメンバーの仕事や生活環境を豊かにします。当協会のイベントの中で特に人気のあるものは、年次ゴルフ大会、年次晩餐会や忘年会です。当協会はまた、当メンバーによって始められたYoung Professionals Club、NiCKもサポートしています。


Members and volunteers are essential to the functioning of the society, and are encouraged to participate in all of our activities. Several benefits are offered to members of the society as well, including discounted event attendance, opportunities for personal and professional growth and friendship, and much more. Anyone can become a member of the JASGC; current members come from all walks of life and nationalities from college students to CEOs, Americans to Japanese.


Our Mission

The Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati (JASGC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to promote a better understanding and cultural awareness between the people of Japan and the people of the Cincinnati Region. 

The JASGC strives to foster business, cultural and social connections between the citizens, companies and governments of Japan and Greater Cincinnati, leading to a more productive, stable, and enriched relationship between our two countries. 



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