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building a bridge between Japan and the Greater Cincinnati Area since 1988

What We Do

We Serve

We serve our local community by enhancing relationships between the people of Japan and the residents of Greater Cincinnati.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with other organizations in order to produce and promote high-quality business, cultural, social, and educational programs.

We Educate

We educate younger generations of Japanese and Americans to promote future connections and greater mutual understanding.

Our Mission & Approach

The Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati (JASGC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to promote a better understanding and cultural awareness between the people of Japan and the people of the Cincinnati Region. 

We strive to foster business, cultural and social connections between the citizens, companies, and governments of Japan and Greater Cincinnati. Our goal is to lead a more productive, stable, and the enriched relationship between our two countries. 

Japan America Across the Continent 

The National Association of Japan-America Societies, Inc. (NAJAS) is a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization consisting of 38 independent Japan-America Societies located around the United States and Canada.

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Your participation makes a huge impact, helping us continue the work we do to support the friendship between Japan and the U.S.

A Letter from our President

Dear Friends,
In a crisis, we reach out to one another. We do this now with social distancing, remote work, resisting our human impulse to hug. But we can do this in new ways. We move to web meetings with video, to digital greetings, to care for others by truck deliveries, and to sing from balconies. And so our Japan America Society adapts. We are here to connect across seas, to bridge culture and language, to bring people and businesses together as never before.

May we use this strange time to celebrate what Japan and America have together. Let’s move us to a higher level of interdependence and connection. Here’s a strong digital hug for all our members, our wonderful staff, our board members, our sponsors, our supporters, and new friends to join. Let’s be like a cherry tree ready to blossom. Stay safe and connect as never before.

Warm regards,

Joe Dehner

Joe Dehner, Board President


私たちは今、ハグしたいという衝動に抵抗しながら、ソーシャルディスタンス(社会的距離)を保ち、遠隔作業を行い、この危機的状況下でも、互いに心を通わせています。しかし、新しい方法でこれを行うことができます。 ビデオを使用したWebミーティング、デジタルグリーティング、トラックの配達やバルコニーからの歌で他人を思いやることなどです。 私たち日米協会はこの状況に順応し、海を越えてつながり、文化と言語の架け橋になり、かつてないほどに人々とビジネスを結びつけるためにここにいます。 この慣れない時間を使って、日本とアメリカが一緒になって祝い、より高いレベルの相互依存、つながりを構築ましょう。 すべてのメンバー、素晴らしいスタッフ、ボードメンバー、スポンサー、サポーター、新しい友達が参加するための強力なデジタルハグです。 まさに開花の準備ができている桜のように。そして、お互いの安全を維持しながら、かつてないほどつながりましょう。

敬意を込めて、会長 ジョー・デナー

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