JASGC Member in High School Diplomat Program

Ben Murray, JASGC member and son of Board Member Amy Murray,

was accepted into the AIU High School Diplomats (HSD) 2013 and 2014 classes The 2013 program was a 10 day program held at Princeton University attended by  40 American and 40 Japanese students for a leadership and cultural immersion program. In 2014 a smaller group of students were selected from the Princeton program and they traveled to Japan for a 3 week program that included a homestay, travel throughout Japan and cultural exchange with Japanese HSD participants.  The students acted as ambassadors of our country and culture and met with a variety of Japanese  officials and dignitaries.

Ben’s comments, “ Although I had been to Japan (as a young child), this was a completely different view on a truly

amazing country.”  I learned so much through the program and now have lasting friendships with both  my Japanese and American friends through the program. Thanks to FaceTime and skype I am able to frequently talk to my Japanese host family and roommates. 


The U.S. High School Diplomats Program (USHSD), was created by AIU Insurance Co. and the Freeman Foundation in 1994 to give American students a chance to experience Japanese culture first hand.

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