Internship Opportunities   インターン募集情報

Japanese Instructor for Academy of World Languages Summer Camp June 2020

NOTICE: To be updated soon. Please do not contact us until we have it fully updated.

Date:  June 1 to 12 - 10 days

Time:  7:45 a.m. to 12 noon

Field Trips:  Two - not yet determined. 

Meals for Kids:  Breakfast & Lunch

Transportation:  Parents must provide - no school bus provided

Students:  AWL 3rd through 8th grade Japanese students & teacher's children

Pay:  Teacher $1,500 paid by check from Live A Language. No district pay. No fringes. No taxes taken out.

Responsibilities:  Authentic art, music, games, food, etc. projects.

Intern:  If possible, high school interns from Cincinnati Public Schools or private high schools

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