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The Japan America of Greater Cincinnati has at its heart cross-cultural understanding. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, civility, and mutual respect across every line that may separate one human being from another. 

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私たちは、ビジネス、ソーシャルネットワーキング、文化学習に焦点を当てた様々なイベントを年間を通して開催しています。 会員の皆様には、イベントの最新情報をお届けするほか、忘年会や年次晩餐会などの人気イベントの割引チケットのアクセスが可能です。また、JASGCメンバーズハッピーアワーや新年会など、会員限定のイベントも年に数回開催しています。 




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Feedback From the Cincy Community

JASGC’s 2020 Gala was a fantastic event, even though it took place during COVID. The speakers were amazing, and I sincerely appreciated the fact that not only did we have a translator, but English questions were translated in real-time to the Japanese guest speakers, and the Japanese questions and answers were translated into English. It was as similar to being in a conference room as it could be, given the circumstances. That said, having the conference online also allowed the attendees to ask questions of the speakers in a way that is much more difficult in an in-person event. JASGC really outdid themselves!

Allison Yeager

Founder, Bridge Intercultural Consulting


Some things people say about us…

Gary Eith, Ed.D., President Japan Research Center of Greater Cincinnati

The Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati (JASGC) is indeed a special organization for the entire region supporting businesses and organizations throughout, with any interest or need related to Japan and the Japanese.  I have personally witnessed the willingness of the staff to assist wherever possible, organizations such as the Greater Cincinnati/Gifu City, Japan Sister City program, the Lafcadio Hearn Society/USA and the Japan Research Center of Greater Cincinnati amongst others.

Last year, the Center had several anniversary programs and the JASGC supported all of them, with promotion, publicity, and attendance.  They all were successful due in large part to the support of the JASGC.  The last program of the year was a very special one, traveling from New York to Cincinnati To New Orleans, requiring considerable logistical and promotional/organizational support with the involvement of many local organizations. “Kwaidan” was offered in Cincinnati with the Hearn Memorial Museum and the Hearn Society from Matsue Japan at the Cincinnati Art Museum and it would not have been accomplished without the JASGC’s capabilities and support!  Our friends overseas continue to complement Cincinnati for what was accomplished that day.  So, a special thank you, to the staff and the board and the organization for all you do for us, and for the region.

We truly live in an interdependent world.  Americans need constant reminders of that.  Organizations such as yours help bring us closer together while supporting the region.  I hope in these trying times of the pandemic, that your organization continues to prosper and to grow, because if it does, it also means that we, in the region will be the beneficiaries.

Kaz Sato, President of Japanese-American Citizens League (Cincinnati Chapter)

Cincinnati Chapter JACL (Japanese American Citizens League) has been established as the organization for Japanese Americans after World War II by Japanese Americans who were released from concentration camps to settle in the area. Our parent organization established in 1929 is the foremost civil rights organization for Japanese Americans and other Asian Americans.  When the Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati was established in the area, we joined JASGC as an organizational member.  Our groups have much in common, being interested in things Japanese and Japanese culture. 

As a small organization, we are glad to have JASGC and we enjoy supporting the various programs it provides for the area.  At the same time, JACL has the history and experience of the matters related to civil rights and other social issues. I strongly hope that we will be able to continuously cooperate with each other to make Greater Cincinnati a great place to live and work for Japanese diaspora, Japanese Americans, and other Asian Americans.




Kenji Shiota, Shiota Realtors LLC

I have joined the JASGC to meet new people and also keep in touch with other members.  The organization has helped me a lot both in my business and also personal life here in Greater Cincinnati and it plays a huge role for the local Japanese American community.

 So, if you are new to the area or looking for a lifelong friendship, come join us, and let’s meet at one of our events!  



Yoshie (Mia) Tsuruta, Attorney at Law, Ishizaka Law Office

I was a member of JASGC for a year from September 2019, when I was a law school student at University of Cincinnati. Being a lawyer in Japan, I was interested in the Japanese community in America and wished to provide legal advice if they are in need of it. Also, I wanted to meet business people to become acquainted with international business transactions. I joined JASGC as I found it the most efficient way to build the network with those people. JASGC offers a lot of fun and informative events all through a year for business, culture and community. I wish I could have participated in more business seminars, which I found very informative, but I could not make it because I was busy with my study for one reason, and for another reason, I did not have a car to reach the sites.

It was very unfortunate that many events including the planting of cherry trees were cancelled because of COVID-19.

I met wonderful people at JASGC including Mr. Joe Dehner, President and Ms. Anne Golden, Executive Director, both of whom are very warm, kind and respectable. My experience in Cincinnati was significantly enriched by joining JASGC. If you feel lonely in Cincinnati area, or, if you are interested in a cross cultural and international business organization, I recommend to join JASGC.





Alex Hara, Executive Director (retired), JP Morgan Chase Bank

I have been a member of JASGC for over 20 years and have participated in various activities that JASGC has offered. I enjoyed those activities and applaud them for their continuing diligent efforts. Their activities have helped accomplish their Mission of bridging the two nations and bringing the two people together and closer. Their success is the result of the commitment to execute their goals and objectives by the Executive Directors over the years. This leadership is the true driver of this successful organization.

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