Hot Jazz, Cold Sake Event Gallery

Hot Jazz, Cold Sake Event Gallery

These are photos from the event Hot Jazz, Cold Sake. To hear more about the event, head over to our blog “Sake Tasting and Jazz Concert at the Peterloon Estate.” Browse through our gallery, allowing the stunning visuals to transport you back to that remarkable evening. Experience the beauty and elegance that filled the air, as music and sake converged to create an event that will be cherished for years to come.

Please note: The photos in the gallery were captured by George Kimura.

An Evening of Sake Tasting and Jazz at the Historic Peterloon Estate

An Evening of Sake Tasting and Jazz at the Historic Peterloon Estate

On August 25 at the historic Peterloon Estate in Indian Hill, 50 of our guests enjoyed samples of Takara sake (MIO Sparkling, SHO Junmai Ginjo, and Shirakabegura Kimoto Junmai), delicious appetizers from Mei Japanese Restaurant, and a jazz concert by the fabulous Keigo Hirakawa Trio. Thank you again to event sponsors Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America and Takara Sake USA, as well as to the friendly staff of Peterloon.

Comments from guests:

“Thanks for a wonderful evening! Our group really enjoyed the sake and jazz…such a treat to hear fantastic music in an intimate and beautiful setting!”

– Clare R.

“Thank you so much! One of the nicest evenings we’ve had in quite a while.”

-Bruce Rosenthal

“The concert was GREAT! Keigo was also a charming, warm person and a great performer.  As for the sake: I’m not sure which this one was, but I’ve never had any sake quite like it; it was the most sparkling of the group and had an almost citrus flavor.  Delicious! The others were excellent as well.  Very smooth and easy to enjoy.”

-Steve Rindsberg

“It was a great event.  My friends and I enjoyed the music and sake tasting. Thank you for organizing this wonderful event.”


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