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Common  Questions

Where are you located?

We maintain office space in Downtown Cincinnati, in the same building as the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber building, on East Fourth St. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, we are currently working remotely.

How many members do you currently have?

Approximately 100 companies, and anywhere from 25-50 individuals or family members, depending on the year. Of the 100 companies, 60% are Japanese-owned.

How many Japanese-owned companies are there in Greater Cincinnati/NKY?

According to data we collected in fall 2019, there are 160+ Japanese-owned companies in the Greater Cincinnati /NKY metro region. The number has risen steadily since we began collecting this data several years ago.  The US continues to be an attractive investment opportunity for Japanese companies for a variety of reasons, including the strong bilateral relationship between the US and Japan. 

Do you offer workshops for professionals, or companies?

We do, though some of our members offer these workshops on a professional basis, so they may be better able to meet specific needs.

Does your organization provide professional translation services?

No, but we have individuals in our membership who do, and we are happy to make a referral. However, for our members who need a very simple/brief translation (e.g., a few sentences from an email, or information on a business card), we are happy to provide this free of charge. For others who are not members, we may still be able to help, though we may suggest a donation in that case. 

Can you tell me whether my item from Japan is an antique?

No, that is not something we can do. We suggest contacting an antiques dealer.  

Do you need volunteers?

On occasion, yes. For our in-person events, we sometimes need bi-lingual volunteers. Since we are not sure how many in-person events we will be able to offer in 2020, we are not currently seeking additional volunteers.  

How does the membership work?

Individuals can join for as little as $50/year. Non-profit organizations and companies are asked to join according to the number of people in their organization (in a single location or region). Please see the membership page here.

Are you considered a "chamber of commerce"?

Yes and no. We do serve local businesses, including 60+ Japanese companies and 40+ American companies, so one could say that we are the “de facto” Japanese chamber for Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. But since we also serve individuals and families, and our mission includes cultural education, we are a little different from a traditional chamber of commerce.  

Are you part of a national organization?

We are independent, however, we are a member of the National Association of Japan America Societies, which serves all 38 Japan America Societies on the continent. Our membership in that organization is voluntary, and we maintain a seat on their board. 

Where does your funding come from?

In a typical year, about 50% from memberships, 40% from fundraisers, and 10% from grants and miscellaneous other sources. 

Do you offer cultural presentations and workshops?

Yes. In a typical year, we coordinate 15+ workshops and presentations in local schools, public libraries, and universities. These are usually private events requested and funded by those organizations. Popular workshops for small- to medium-size groups include Japanese Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony, Karate, Ikebana (Flower Arranging), Kamishibai (Traditional Storytelling), and Origami. We also do presentations on daily life in Japan, and those presentations work well for larger groups.  

Do you charge a fee for cultural programs and workshops?

Yes, and the fee covers a modest honorarium for the presenter, plus travel expenses. (Please see this link for details.)

Do have cultural events open to the public?

Yes — please check our website or social media channels for event information. We also help promote Japan-related events arranged by other organizations. Most of our events have discounted tickets for members. Most of our online/virtual events are free. 

Do you accept donated items for your fundraisers?

While we do appreciate some donated items for our raffles or silent auctions, we have extremely limited storage space, so we may ask to see a photo of the item first. We are not currently accepting donations of kimono or other clothing, or books, or items that are damaged; thank you for your understanding. However, if you have used books or DVDs in the Japanese language, the local Japanese Language School has a book sale once a year at Northern Kentucky University, to raise money for the school.  Please check our website and social media channels in fall 2020 for more information.

What is the best way for me to get involved with your organization?

Attend some of our events! We are a relatively small community, accessible to anyone with an interest in Japan. Let us get to know you! We can help cultivate your interest in Japan and help you grow your network, whether that is for business, cultural, or social reasons. We strive to be the local hub of people and matters related to Japan. Please consider joining as a member. We would greatly appreciate the support.