Apr 27, 2021 | Cultural Event

Ikebana Workshop – “Moribana” & “Freestyle”

Ikebana Workshop – “Moribana” & “Freestyle”

Our Spring Ikebana workshop provided a fun and fascinating introduction to a traditional style of Ikebana called “Moribana,” as well as the concept of “Freestyle.” The word Moribana (盛花、もりばな) means “piled up flowers.” This style shows naturalistic landscapes that are constructed in low dish-like vases. “Freestyle” ikebana allows complete freedom to choose the flowers that match the vase and arrange them in your interpretation.

Instructor Teruko Nesbitt created a total of 4 different arrangements using a combination of “found” materials (for example, Red Bud branches that had fallen to the ground on a windy day),  cut flowers  purchased locally, and interesting vases picked up inexpensively at local second-hand shops. Participants asked good questions and we all had a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Stay tuned for our Summer Ikebana workshop in August!

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